Guitar Tablature Blank Notebook: Blank Tab Manuscript Paper Sheet Music Journal for 21 Songs【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】

Guitar Tablature Blank Notebook: Blank Tab Manuscript Paper Sheet Music Journal for 21 SongsThis Guitar Tablature Blank NoteBook provides you with Blank Tab Manuscript Paper for 21 Songs Guitar tablature is a great tool for guitarists learning musical pieces, but it's even better when you have blank sheets of tablature to notate your own compositions. For those who are unable to read music, guitar tablature is an incredibly useful alternative. To suit my personal needs and hopefully yours, I created this book with a bit more structure to it than other books I've seen, hence why there is room for 21 songs - enough for you to notate an album (and more) worth of your tracks. What is guitar tablature? Guitar tablature represents the six strings of a standard guitar, with the low E string represented by the bottom line, and the top E string being the top line. You simply write numbers on the lines where you would place your fingers on a string. These numbers represent the individual notes being played - for instance in a guitar solo. So for instance, if you wanted to show an A being played on the top E string, you would write a number 5 on the top line of the tablature - 5 representing the 5th fret. The Guitar Tablature Blank Notebook is your personal songbook journal for your own guitar compositions. Have fun!Dimensions: 27.94 x 21.59 x 0.74 centimetres (0.41 kg)このギターTablatureブランクNoteBookは21曲のブランクタブ原稿用紙を提供していますギターのタブ譜はギタリストが楽曲を学ぶのに最適なツールですが、タブ譜の空白のシートを自分の作曲に記入するとさらに優れています。







Guitar Tablature Blank Notebookは、自分のギター用の個人的なソングブックジャーナルです。

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